Voice Experience

Enhance your Guest Experience and Drive Staff Efficiency

As Amazon Alexa’s EU Launch Partner, we help deliver a premier voice experience for your property.

Drive In-Room Revenue and Enhancing Guest Experience.

Improve Staff Efficiency with Request Management.

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Your Complete Guest Experience

Every part of your Property’s Guest & Staff Experience

Alexa can help save staff time by answering all common requests, providing personalised guest experiences. Additionally, Alexa can help service staff requests, from housekeeping to maintenance, by streamlining processes. E.g. housekeeping staff can notify Alexa when a room is cleaned to automatically update your PMS, and maintenance staff can advise when a room fault is fixed. Improving efficiencies and overall satisfaction.

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Personalise Your Guest Experience

Easily Customise and Tailor Your Hotel Messaging

You can easily update and change your Alexa messaging at any time, ensuring you send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Giving the ultimate personalised concierge experience to your guests

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Complete Reporting

Track Upsell Revenue and Staff Time Saved

By bringing your full room service options to the Alexa device, you make it easier than ever to increase customer stay value, with the power of ordering by Alexa. Understand exactly how customers are engaging with your devices, as well as the staff efficiency gains as a result of Alexa usage.

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