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Our aim is simply to provide the best quality experience to our customers, and to create a positive work culture and values that allow us to achieve this

Leading the future of Hotel Revenue Management

With many recent technological advances in machine learning, Hotel Cloud is set to transform the landscape of the hotel industry, with our intelligent Revenue Management System using the latest algorithms from our team of Cambridge-graduates.

We collate hundreds of data sources as part of our automated learning system, and combine it all to present you with simple, easy-to-use insights and opportunities.

Let us do the mundane work to simplify your revenue management and increase your total revenue (RevPAR)

The Hotel Cloud Story

Taking Revenue Management to New Heights

Founder & CEO, Amit Popat, has a track record of working and developing successful technology companies. With a Masters in Mathematics at University of Cambridge, he went on to set up a successful software development company, which included working with easyJet to assist in the launch of their new booking website.

After entering the travel & hospitality industry, he discovered a unique opportunity in 2018, to combine the latest technological advances to the hotel industry with a new form of smart Revenue Management System.

And so the journey began, which has seen Hotel Cloud rapidly grow to be now used by independent and branded hotels alike, all with 5 star reviews and an uplift in revenue.

Our journey is young, but the future is very bright. We look forward to you joining us…

Founder & CEO Amit Popat

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