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Discover the possibilities of Hotel Cloud

Our aim is to take the mundane out of revenue and marketing management.

We collate hundreds of data sources and combine them with cutting edge machine learning,
presenting you the optimum rates and marketing opportunities for any moment in time.

Simplify hotel management and increase your total revenue (RevPAR)

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Rate Intelligence

Giving you the perfect rate at the perfect time.

We track your bookings as they arrive, 24/7, 365 days a year. Using our Cambridge-developed machine learning algorithms, we combine this with competitor rates, historical data and a market analysis to ensure our system provides you with the most important rate opportunities.

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Direct Marketing

Metasearch Integration

As one of the most efficient ways of increasing a hotel’s presence and demand.
Targets only the need dates and dynamically increase marketing spend when you need it the most.
Move away from digital market agents and take back control

Newsletter Marketing

Taps in to your PMS to build the most accurate customer profiles.
By tailoring your newsletters in a smart and segmented way, you can intelligently increase conversions and help build and develop your customer relationships.
Increasing your Revenue through Rate and Marketing

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Competitor Rates

Tracking your competitor rates every hour

Understanding your competitors’ position in the market place is essential for making the correct pricing decisions. We monitor 365 days of competitor rates every hour, which surpasses anything currently available in the industry. Ensuring that you always have the most accurate information to make the most informed revenue decisions

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Powerful Dashboards

Easy to Use for Groups or Single Properties

We pride ourselves on providing you all the data you need in the most easy to use, simple, understandable dashboards. From novel “heatmap” year views, to focused day views. We remove the clutter to allow you to focus on what is important: making decisions.

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Full Hotel Analytics

View all Performance Metrics in One Place

Track your historic and future performance all in simple, easy to use screens. Track how you are performing against pace, by segment. Most of all it is designed to be used on any device, desktop, tablet and mobile, making it simple to access the data you need
STR Integration to track how you compare to your competitors

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